November 1943


Again this night William was detailed to Frankfurt for his third operation over Germany
Now on the JN974 EY-M.

262 aircraft - 236 Halifaxes and 26 Lancasters - of Nos 4, 6 and 8 Groups to Frankfurt.
As on the previous night, there were no major diversions and the bomber force took a relatively direct route to the target.     The German controller did not know whether Mannheim or Frankfurt was the real objective but he eventually chose Frankfurt, where the flak was restricted to 15,000 ft.
12 bombers - 11 Halifaxes and 1 Lancaster were lost.

3 Mosquitos to Berlin, 48 aircraft mine laying off Brest and Texel and in the Frisians, 28 OTU sorties. 1 Stirling mine layer lost.


Halifax MKII



Squadron 78

19 aircraft detailed for operation, Target: Frankfurt.
For this raid the JD373, LW235, JD173, LW226,
LW235 (second entry), LW313, LW300, JP118,
LW288, LW331, JN974, JP117, LW330,
JP120 (with Rear-gunner Sgt. L. Nuggent), LW338,
LW318, HR748, LW237 and LW230 were filed up with fuel and
prepared for this operation by there ground crew.

This time the LW338 from P/O T.Smith was the first one to airborne at 23:21 hour
and the HR748 closed the line at 00:02 hour.
All planes attacked and bombed the target and returned safely to there home
base after a flight of 7 ½ hour

November 25th ,1943




Handley Page Halifax II

JN974 EY-M


November 25

Target Frankfurt


23:52 hour Breighton Yorkshire



Bombing on

19.000 ft at 02:50 hour




07:29 hour, Breighton Yorkshire

Crew JN974:

F/O Hudson, H




F/O Robertson, W.




P/O Uyen, William




Sgt. Monks, H.




Sgt. Hillis, J.




P/O Lane, Jack




Sgt. Moris, J.





Today the JN974 EY-M was made ready to be flown by F/O Harry Hudson and his crew.
At 23:52 hour they were the 16th in the row just after the JD373 to go airborne and make there way to Frankfurt. 3 hours later the Pilot made his turn so the bomb-aimer could get a good fix on the markers. Target was attacked and bombed from height of 19000 ft at 2:50 hour. being identified by red and green TI markers on red TI. Bombed as timed position where Red TI markers disappeared two minutes before. Few fires seen through break in the clouds, but glow of believed of large fires on cloud. Few results observed owing to clouds.

JN974 was one of five No.78 Sqdn Halifaxes lost on the operation of 20 December 1943.