November 1943


And this night William was detailed to Stuttgart for his fourth operation over Germany
and again on the JN974 EY-M.

443 Lancasters and 7 Mosquitos to Berlin and Stuttgart (diversion). Both forces flew a common route over Northern France and on nearly to Frankfurt before diverging. The German controllers thought that Frankfurt was the main target until a late stage and several bombers were shot down as they flew past Frankfurt. Only a few fighters appeared over Berlin, where flak was the main danger.
19 Stirlings and 14 Wellingtons mine laying off Texel and in the Frisians, 5 OTU sorties.
The diversionary raid on Stuttgart was carried out by 157 Halifaxes and 21 Lancasters. 6 Halifaxes lost. The bombing was very scattered and caused little damage but part of the night-fighter force was drawn off from the Berlin operation.


Squadron 78

This morning the JD373 (with Pilot R Shard), LW313,
LW324, LW300, JP118, LW288 (with M/U W. Iddon),
LW331, JN974, JP117, JP120 (with R/G L. Nugent),
LW338, LW318, LW271, LW237, JP126, LW234
and LW230 were made ready for take of by the ground crew.
Again William Uyen was one of the crew members today.

November 26th ,1943




Handley Page Halifax II

JN974 EY-M

November 26, 1943

Target: Stuttgart


16:55 hour Breighton Yorkshire



Bombing on

15.000 ft. at 20:38 hour




00:55 hour, Breighton Yorkshire

Crew JN974:

F/O Hudson, H




F/O Robertson, W.




P/O Uyen, William




Sgt. Monks, H.




Sgt. Carr, R.




P/O Lane, Jack




Sgt. Moris, J.





This time the JN 974 EY-M was the 12th to start his engines at the hard standing and to turn into the perimeter track and slowly made his way to the runway for take of at 16:55 hour.
Target was attacked and bombed at 20:38hour, from a height of 15.000 ft. being identified by river Neckar and by PFF. Bombed cluster of red TI, markers. Very well concentrated white incendiaries and many fires seen.
(JN974 was lost on December 20, 1943 with a different crew).




Returned early

LW313 EY-U

returned early owing inability to climb over 13.000ft.
At 50.25N / 01.15E just before reaching the French coast.
LW313 crashed on the raid of 20 December 1943

Returned early


returned early because of oil pressure drop on port inner engine At 19:15 hour the bombs were jettisoned live on a hight of 10.000ft in position 50:20N / 04:42E in the woods between Cerfontaine and Phillipville in the south of Belgium just under Charleroi.


November 1943


No operation or standby for squadron 78



No operation or standby for squadron 78



No operation or standby for squadron 78



No operation or standby for squadron 78

December 1943


21 Aircraft detailed for operations, Later cancelled
due to unfavourable weather conditions.



22 Aircraft detailed for operations, Later cancelled
due to fog.