December, 1943


This night there is no operation planned for William Uyen

457 Lancasters, 252 Halifaxes, 3 Mosquitos - returned to Berlin.
A long approach route from the south, passing south of the Ruhr and then within 20 miles of Leipzig, together with Mosquito diversions at Düsseldorf, Leipzig and Magdeburg, caused the German controller great difficulties and there were few fighters over Berlin. Bad weather on the outward route also kept down the number of German fighters finding the bomber stream

Squadron 78

20 aircraft detailed for operation, Target Berlin.
For this operation the JP129, JN172, LW342, LW226
(with Rear gunner Sgt. W. Iddon), LW295, JP126, LW324,
LW300, JP118, LW228, LW331, JP117, JP120,
LW318 (with Mid-Upper Sgt. L.Nuggent), LW316, JD373,
JD376, LW234, LW237 and LW277 were prepared by the ground
crew for take off.

All the Halifax’s returned safely to Breighton after the run

December 29th, 1943


Returned early


returned early, being unable to climb 60 Myles before reaching the Dutch coast at Den Helder and turned back to England over the North Sea and jettisoned there bombs at 53.19N / 03.54E

Returned early


returned early being unable to climb above 11.000 ft. Furthest point reached just after the Dutch Island Texel
at 53.08N / 05.00E
Safely returned on Breighton at 20:27 hour

Returned early


returned owing to failure to maintain height after reaching the Dutch Island Oost-Vlieland, turned back and dropped there bombs at 53.22N / 05.12E
Safely returned on Breighton at 20:28 hour just after the JD373

Returned early


returned owing to be hit by flak south of the main stream and turned after the Dutch town Enkhuizen, Furtherest point reached at 52.50N / 05.20E Boms jettisoned live.

December 1943


No operations were scheduled for squadron 78



17 aircraft detailed for operations, Later cancelled.
Weather: rain in the afternoon.

January 1944

1st --7th

Again this week no operations or standby for squadron 78
Weather: Cloudy with strong westerly wind which turned gusty at but later on the wind was fine with moderate north westerly winds.



22 aircraft detailed for operation. cancelled shortly after.
Weather: Mainly cloudy. Visibility poor becoming moderate.


9th --13th

No operations or standby for squadron 78