January, 1944


This night became the Sixth operation planned for William Uyen.

In Total for this operation there where 769 aircraft - 495 Lancasters, 264 Halifaxes, 10 Mosquitoes - to Berlin.
35 aircraft - 22 Halifaxes, 13 Lancasters - lost, No 102 Squadron, from Pocklington, lost 5 of its 16 Halifaxes on this raid, 2 more crashed in England and the squadron would lose 4 more aircraft in the next night's raid.
The bomber approach route took a wide swing to the north but, once again, the German controller managed to feed his fighters into the bomber stream early when they were crossing the German coast and the fighters scored steadily until the force was well on the way home. The diversions were not large enough to deceive the Germans.
The Berlin area was, as so often, completely cloud-covered and what happened to the bombing is a mystery. The Pathfinder sky marking appeared to go according to plan and crews who were scanning the ground with their H2S sets believed that the attack fell on eastern districts of Berlin.
No major navigational problems were experienced. No photographic reconnaissance was possible until after a further 4 raids on Berlin were carried out but the various sources from which the Berlin reports are normally drawn all show a complete blank for this night. 12 Mosquitos to Düsseldorf. 4 to Kiel and 3 to Hannover, 6 RCM sorties, 5 Serrate patrols, 29 aircraft mine-laying in the Frisians and off French ports, 20 OTU sorties. No losses.

Squadron 78

19 aircraft detailed for operations. 16 aircraft reached the target.
January 20 1944 Today the JD129 (P/O R.Shard), JN972, LW342, LW226, JP126,
LW324, LW300, JP118, LW288, LW331, LW291, JP117,
JP120, JN919, LW318, HR932 (with Sgt. LeBlanc)
and LW324 were made ready for operation.

January 20th, 1944



Handley Page Halifax II

JP120 EY-P

January 20th

Target Berlin


16:06 hour, Breighton Yorkshire



Bombing on

18.000 ft at 19:39 hour




00:02 hour, Breighton Yorkshire

Crew JP120:

F/O Hudson, H.



F/O Robertson, W.



P/O Uyen, William



Sgt. Monks, H.



Sgt. Hillis, J.



P/O Lane, Jack



Sgt. Moris, J.





F/O Hudson and his crew reached the primary target, for William Uyen it was his Sixth operation over German Territory.
The Target was attacked and bombed at 19:39 hour from a height of 18.000 feet.
Identified by Red with Green stars. And bombed cluster of same. At least 10 bomb explosions under marker area.

Returned early


returned to base due electrical trouble 80 km off the coast of England at 54.12N/01.13E
Generators overcharging thereby causing risk of fire.
Bombs jettisoned safe.

Returned early


to late at concentration-point and returned just reaching Danmark at 54.12N/09.02E



Attacked and bombed target at 17.500 feet on 19.38 hour.
Slight damage to nose of aircraft caused throw Flak.
LW277 was initially issued to No.158 Sqdn, served also with No.78 Sqdn before joining No.102 Sqdn. Airborne 00:26 hour 28 Jan 1944 from Pocklington. While over Berlin at 16,000 feet, a burst of Flak exploded nearby, setting the Halifax on fire. abandoned by all except for Sgt Hammond who is buried in the city's 1939-45 War Cemetery, the majority making their exit at 14,000 feet.



attacking and bombing target at 19.36 hour on a hight of 18.000 feet,
returned outbound with port inner engine damaged by Flak.
Landed safely at Coltishall.

Lost in Action

LW291 EY-M

reported missing and seems to bee crashed at Grossmutz.
About 40km above Berlin
Only survivor , flight engineer Bennett was made POW,
Airborne 16.40 hour from Breighton. Cause of loss not established. Crashed at Grossmutz, 10 km SE of the small town of Lindow whose suburbs abut the Gudelacksee on the west and the Wutzee on the east. Those killed were buried at Grossmutz 22 Jan '44. Their graves are now located in the Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery. F/S F.R.Moffatt RCAF KIA Sgt N.Legg KIA F/O W.R.McGregor RCAF KIA F/O R.G.Selman RCAF KIA Sgt H.H.Bennett PoW Sgt J.A.Stewart KIA Sgt H.W.Rudelhoff KIA Sgt H.H.Bennett was interned in Camps L6/357. PoW No.1171.

In Combat

LW300 EY-H

The primary target was attacked and bombed at 19.42 hour.

At 19.45 hour on a hight of 18.000 feet heading 165 Magnetic
the LW300 was sighting a M.E.109
Monica was switched off.

As for Combat report: Rear Gunner Sgt. Mulligan first saw a M.E.109 on the starboard quarter down at approximately 1200 yards range. Sgt. Mulligan immediately gave the order to turn to starboard when enemy aircraft came within 800 yards range.
He than fired a short burst at 600 yards range. No hits were observed and enemy aircraft broke away to port quarter up.
Mid Upper Gunner Sgt. McMillan fired a short burst on the break away but no hits were observed owing to enemy aircraft being lost sight of below the port wing.
Own aircraft resumed course and enemy aircraft was seen
to attack another Halifax on own aircraft's port beam.
Fighter flares in the vicinity but not directed towards own aircraft. Emmy aircraft did not open fire during combat.

In Combat

LW226 EY-D

Primary target was attacked and bombed at 19.51 hour
In Combat; At 19.52 at a hight of 17.500 feet heading 140 with a speed
of 175 I.A.S. The LW226 was attacked by a J.U.8
at position 52.28N / 12.40E

As for Combat report: The Mid upper Sgt. Graham, observed a J.U.88 on starboard
beam down at 400 yards range, and immediately gave the
order to corkscrew to starboard.
Enemy aircraft opened fire at approximately 300 yards range.
Trace was seen to pass under own aircraft port wing.
Enemy aircraft then broke away to port quarter down
and was lost sight of.
No hits on enemy aircraft and own aircraft did not open fire.
No damage to own aircraft and no claim.