February, 1944


This night became the Eight operation for William Uyen.

7 Mosquitoes to Rheinhausen and 6 to Elberfeld, 2 RCM sorties, 5 Serrate patrols, 50 Halifaxes mine-laying in Kiel Bay. The Kiel Bay mining operation was a ploy to draw up German fighters, even though no major bombing raid was planned. No aircraft were lost from these operations.

Squadron 78

4 aircraft LW367, LV788, LV817 and LV814 detailed for operations, February 2 1944 gardening, 2 aircraft planted vegetables on the night of 2/3 February 1944
as ordered after making a timed run of five minutes from H2S fix.

February 2nd , 1944



Handley Page Halifax II

LW367 EY-L

February 3th

Target Frisians


02:09 hour, Breighton Yorkshire



No Bombing

Failure of H2S




05:43 hour, Breighton Yorkshire

Crew LW367 EY-L:

W/O Lawrence G.K.



F/O Robertson, W.J.



P/O Uyen, William



Sub Lt. Mauchlan, J.



Sgt. Hillis, J.



F/L Pietrie, D.



Sgt. Moris, J.



F/O Lane, Jack




No drops made. Aircraft returned early North of Holland owing to failure of H2S.
Furthest point reached 54.50N /05.27E. Both vegs brought back.

LW367 was one of three 78 Sqdn Halifaxes lost on the operation of 19/20 February 1944 .
See: LK763; LV816. Airborne 0011 20Feb44 from Breighton. Cause of loss not established. Crashed near Kallenkote (Overijssel), 5 km ENE of Steenwijk, Holland.


Returned early

LW367 EY-L

returned, due failure of H.2.S.
(LW367 crashed on the raid of 19/20 February 1944)

Returned early


returned, due failure of H.2.S
Furthest point reached Flamboro's head.
Aircraft remaind airborn in vincinity of aerodrome in order
to reduce fuel weight before landing.
Both vegs. Brought back.


Candian Bomber crews bomb Frisian Islands


Lost on Landing


Airborne 02.03 hour on February 3, 1944 from Breighton
to lay mines in Kiel Bay (Quinces Region). Landed 07.43 hour, but swung off the the runway and hit a parked Halifax which was only slightly damaged to his fin and rudder, and then s truck a bank,
which removed the undercarriage.
All escaped injury. This was the first Mk.111 to be written off by 78 Sqdn. F/L B.Denman Sgt .Hampson Sgt E.Glibbery F/O B.M.Wells F/O T.Cowley F/L T.J.Fudge F/S H.Kelter Sgt A.Sinden


LV814 EY-C

Airborne 02.07 hour and landed 08.00 hour
dropped Vegetables in the bay of Kiel at 54.36N/10.36E
on 04:30 hours at a hight of 15.000 feet.

(LV814 crashed on the raid of 20/21 February 1944)


February 1944

3th -- 11th

No operations or standby for squadron 78


6th -- 14th

  William Uyen is on Leave



20 aircraft detailed for operations. Later cancelled.
Weather: Fair becoming cloudy with moderate visibility.



7 aircraft detailed for operations. Later cancelled.
Weather: Cloudy becoming overcast with fog developing in the late afternoon



No operations or standby for squadron 78