March 1944


William Uyen is still on leave after his crash so this night there is no operation planned for William.


261 Halifaxes and 6 Mosquitos of Nos 4, 6 and 8 Groups on the first of a series of raids on railway targets in France and Belgium in preparation for the invasion.
15 Mosquitos to Hannover, 6 to Kiel and 1 to Krefeld, 1 RCM sortie,
30 aircraft on Resistance operations.


Squadron 78

18 Aircraft detailed for operations, Target Trappes.
March 6 1944 Weather in the region: Visibility poor. Wind very light.
For this raid the ground crew successfully prepared the LW518,
LW515, HX355, LV798 (with Sgt. Le Blanc), LW589,
LV799, LX749 (with Sgt. Nuggent), LV796, LW519,
LV795, LV892, LW518, LV872, LV868, LW510, LW511,
and the LW517 successful for operation at Trappes
(south-west of Paris) holding a large marshalling yard.

After this raid, Trappes was out of action for 1 month.
17 Aircraft reached and attacked target at 15.000 feet.
Target identified by red T.I.'s and visually.

1 aircraft unfortunately did not manage to take off.

March 6st, 1944