Le Mans



March 1944


William Uyen is still on leave after his crash so this night there is no operation planned for William.

213 Halifaxes and 9 Mosquitos of Nos 4,6 and 8 Groups on a repeat raid to Le Mans. 1 Halifax lost. The local report shows that the Maroc Station and two nearby factories were severely damaged, with many lines being cut and 15 locomotives and 800 wagons being destroyed.

39 Mosquitos to 5 German targets, with the largest raid being by 26 aircraft to Frankfurt, 4 RCM sorties, 4 Serrate patrols, 25 Stirlings and 10 Halifaxes minelaying off French Channel ports, 19 aircraft on Resistance operations, 21 OTU sorties.


Squadron 78

21 aircraft detailed for operations, Target Le Mans.
March 13 1944 2 aircraft did not take off.
18 aircraft reached and attacked target, mostly at 14.000 feet.
1 aircraft was hit by flak and lost in battle.
Weather: Cloudy becoming fair to fine. Visibility 20-30 miles.

The ground crew of squadron 78 prepared 21 aircraft for this night.
But only the LV815, HX355, LV788, LV820, LW589, LK749, LW517,
LW519, LV795, LV911, LW512, LV899, LV872, LV877 (with Sgt. LeBlanc)
LV876, LV868, LW510, LW511, LK762 and the LW518 managed to take off from Breighton airfield for there run to the target.

March 13th, 1944




Returned early


returned early owing to shortage of petrol, furthest point reached
49.23N/00.07W just over Dozulé, France. East of Cean
Fuel pomp Unserviceable, Bombs jettisoned in sea.

Lost in Action

LW517 EY-Y

was hit and badly damaged by intense Flak
2 POW, and 5 killed.
Airborne 2241 from Breighton, tasked to bomb railway facilities. Hit by Flak at 14,000 feet, crashing in the target area. Those killed are buried in Le Mans West Cemetery. Sgt McMillan had gained an Immediate DFM during recent operations to Magdeburg, details Gazetted 15 Feb '44. W/O K.F.Withers RAAF KIA Sgt A.Currie KIA Sgt A.A.Jeffries PoW F/S G.Tipping PoW Sgt E.Buckland KIA Sgt A.Cantle-Jones KIA Sgt D.W.McMillan DFM KIA
This was one of the first aircraft lost in what are referred to as Transportation Plan opera tions, designed to cripple the rail networks of the occupied countries in the run up to the Normandy Landings. Sgt A.A.Jeffries was interned in Camps L6/357, PoW No.3782 with F/S G.Tipping, PoW No.3461.

March, 1944


No operations or standby for squadron 78