December 1943


This night there is no operation planned for William Uyen

307 Lancasters, 220 Halifaxes - to Leipzig. . The bomber force took
a direct route towards Berlin before turning south to bomb Leipzig.
German fighters were in the bomber stream and scoring
successes before the turn was made but most of them were then
directed to Berlin when the Mosquito diversion opened there.



Squadron 78

19 aircraft detailed for operations, Target Leipzig.
No operation for William Uyen and his fellow crew members.

This afternoon the aircrafts that were made ready by the ground crew
were the JP129 (with pilot R. Shard), LW342, LW226, LW295,
LW324, LW300, JP118 (with rear-gunner Sgt. J. Morris)
JN874, JP117, LW330, JP120, LW271, HR748, LW313, LW234,
LW318 (with Mid-upper Sgt. L. Nuggent), LW237 and LW230.

The first Halifax that started his engines was the LW295 who took off at 23:34 hour.
Within 22 minutes all the plains were airborne and on there way to Leipzig.

December 3th, 1943




Returned early


returned early on 01:24 hour owing to icing problems
Bombs were jettisoned in the sea, east of Grimsby UK.
at 53.46N / 00.48E

Returned early


returned early 02:20 hour owing to engine problems
after a climb east of Hull were bombs were jettisoned
safe into the sea at 54.00N / 01.00E.

LW324 was one of two No.10 Sqdn Halifaxes lost on the operation of 19/20 February 1944. It was initially issued to No.78 Sqdn. Airborne 23.24 hour 19 Feb 1944 from Melbourne. Shot down by a Ju88, crashing 03.00 hour at Ehra-Lessien, 19 km NE of the town of Gifhorn

Returned early


returned early on 02:44 hour owing to poor rate of climb.
Cause unknown, Bombs were jettisoned in the sea east of Hull.
at 54.00N / 01.10E


Lost in Action

LW313 EY-U

Airborne 23.48 hour from Breighton.
Cause of loss not established. Crashed into a bridge spanning the River Nahe at Bad Munster am Stein, 3 km SSW of Bad Kreuznach on his way back to England.
Those killed are buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery. At 18, Sgt. Regan was amongst the youngest airmen to lose his life on bomber operations. F/S G.R.L.Gunningham KIA Sgt K.Hughes PoW F/S H.Hiley PoW Sgt H.R.Wright RCAF KIA Sgt G.A.Kennaby PoW Sgt E.Evans KIA Sgt P.J.Regan KIA F/S H.Hiley was interned in Camps 4B/L3, PoW No.263685. Sgt K.Hughes in Camp 4B, PoW No.263683 with Sgt G.A.Kennaby, PoW No.267165.

In Combat

JN874 EY-N

Airborne 23.56 hour from Breighton, Target attacked and bombed on 18.000 feet at 04.08 hour.
Both port engines out over target area just before bombs away.
Aircraft lost hight from 17.000 to 11.000 feet before being onder control again.
Monica unserviceable.

As in Combat report:     At position 52.32N / 10.30E (West of Braunschweig)
on a height of 18.000 feet with a speed of 150 I.A.S.
Fighter flares were dropped near aircraft and J.U.88 was first seen dead astern
at a range of 500 yards.
Enemy aircraft opened fire and rear gunner Sgt.Hayward gave the order to corkscrew to port.
At the same time rear gunner Sgt. Hayward gave a short burst of fire and enemy aircraft broke off the attack to port quarter at 200 yards range.
Enemy aircraft was lost sight of and own aircraft resumed course.
No damage to own aircraft, and no hits observed on enemy aircraft.


In Combat

LW237 EY-Y

Airborn 23:40 hour from Breighton. Target was attacked and bombed at 04.07 hour on 18.000 feet.

As for Combat report:      Just after attack heading 221 Magnetic with a speed of 168 I.A.S.
On 04.09 hour, a J.U.88 was first seen on starboard quarter up at a range of 400 yards, No warning from Monica. Own aircraft turned and dived to starboard. Rear gunner Sgt. Duff opened fire at 300 yards range with a long burst. Enemy aircraft broken away to port quarter down, own aircraft went into a corkscrew and enemy aircraft was not seen again.
No damage to own aircraft and no damage observed on enemy aircraft.



December 1943

4th -- 17th

No Operations or standby for Squadon 78
Bad weather for two weeks



22 aircraft detailed for operations, Later cancelled
Weather: General fog persisting with sky obscured most of time.



No Operations or standby for Squadon 78