December 1943


This night there is no operation planned for William Uyen

390 Lancasters, 257 Halifaxes, 3 Mosquitos. The German control
rooms were able to plot the bomber force as soon as it left the English
coast and were able to continue plotting it all the way to Frankfurt.
There were many combats on the route to the target. The Mannheim
diversion did not draw fighters away from the main attack until after
the raid was over but the return flight was quieter .


Squadron 78

21 aircraft detailed for operations, Target Frankfurt.
No operation for William Uyen this night.

For this operation the following air planes were made ready for there take of in late afternoon.
JN972, LW342, LW226, LW295, JP129, JD173, LW300,
LW288, LW331 (with P/O J. Lane as M/U), JN974, LW330,
JP117, JP120, LW338, LW318 (with M/U L.Nuggent),
LW271, HR748, JD373, JD376, LW234 and LW320.

December 20th, 1943




Returned early


returned early owing to be unable to climb to operational
height. Furthest point was just reaching the Dutch coast
between Domburg and Westkapelle on 51.55N / 03.45E.
After making his turn bombs were jettisoned in the North Sea 45 km. of Hoek van Holland at 52.10N / 03.30E.
After flying back he landed safely at Breighton on 20:24 hour.

Returned early


returned early owing to be unable to climb and maintain speed.
Furthest point reached was 52.03N / 03.40E, 45 km. before
reaching the Dutch coast at Hellevoetsluis on 18.26 hour.
Bombs were jettisoned safe at that point into the North Sea.
The HR748 landed at Breighton safely on 20:11 hour

Returned early

LW300 EY-H

returned being off track North of Terneuzen at 51.44N / 04.00E
Failed to reach concentration on time. A/C believed to be of
track. After making his U-turn bombs were dropped on his way back on aerodrome, believed to be Haamstede, just before reaching the Dutch coast.
The LW300 also returned safely on Breighton on 20:35 hour.

LW300 was one of two 78 Sqdn Halifax’s lost on the operation on Magdenburg. On January 21, 1944


Lost in Action

LW330 EY-O

Airborne 16.22 hour from Breighton.
On return to base awaiting permission to land, the Halifax stalled and crashed 00.02 hour near Howden, bursting into flames on impact. situated just to the North of the Humber,
Howden is roughly 4 miles SSE of the sirfield.
apart from Sgt Meynell, who was taken to Darlington West Cemetery for burial, the Commonwealth airmen are buried in Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery. F/S a.Molloy RAAF KIA Sgt A.D.Meynell KIA Sgt F.E.J.Hothersall RNZAF KIA F/O B.D.Heading RAAF KIA F/S F.W.Doonan RAAF KIA Sgt W.E.Edwards RCAF KIA Sgt J.M.Blake RCAF KIA.

Lost in Action

JN974 EY-M

Airborne 16.19 hour from Breighton.
Hit by Flak at 19,000 feet over the target and later intercepted by a night-fighter (Oblt Werner Baake, 1./NJG1), out of Venlo, crashing 21.15 houre on land belonging to Mr A Kuijk at Oirschot (Noord Brabant), 12 km NW of Eindhoven.
F/L J.G.Smith Evd Sgt W.Heubner USAAF Inj Sgt J.T.Frost PoW F/O S.Smith PoW Sgt W.Boddy PoW F/S J.C.Cash PoW Sgt F.E.P.Allen Evd Sgt G.J.Woods RAAF PoW Sgt W.Boddy was interned in Camps 4B/L7. PoW No.269749. F/S J.C.Cash initially evaded but was captured in Belgium 23 January 1944 and interned in Camps L6/357. PoW No.3208. Sgt J.T.Frost in Camp 4B, PoW No.269771 with Sgt G.J.Woods, PoW No.269806. Sgt W.Heubner was confined in Hospital due injuries. No PoW No. F/O S.Smith was captured in Limoges 28 February 1944, spent time in various Hospitals and prisons before internment in Camp L3.

Lost in Action

LW271 EY-S

Airborne 16.29 hour from Breighton.
shot down over target, 1 survivor.
Crashed at Montabaur, near Frankfurt
Those killed are buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery. W/O P.R.Waller KIA Sgt K.R.Rabbage Inj F/s B.L.Purvis KIA Sgt S.P.Mirams KIA Sgt K.Perkins KIA Sgt K.W.Smith MiD KIA Sgt T.R.Derrington KIA Sgt K.R.Rabbage was confined in Hospital due injuries. No PoW No.

Lost in Action

LW338 EY-Q

Airborne 16:20 hour from Breighton. After heavy Flak damage over the target, and later attacked by
nightfighter ( Hptm. Herget 1.NJG1) it crashed 20:15 hour at
Michelbach, North of Aschaffenburg, Germany
The crew was laid rest in Durnbach War Semetery.
W/O B.Bolsworth KIA, P/O D.A. Hyne KIA,
Sgt. W.M. Gray KIA, Sgt. G. Hampton KIA,
Sgt. W.H. Veale KIA, P/O A.G. Thorne KIA,
Sgt. G.M. Coggans KIA.

Lost in Action

LW320 EY-Z

Airborne 16.24 hour from Breighton.
came down in a wood known as Rodebos
Cause of loss not established. Came down in a wood known as Rodebos on the Dutch/Belgian border, near the hamlet of De Planck. 1Lt Kelly USAAF was probably buried locally. In the immediate post- war years his remains were taken to the US Military Cemetery at Margraten. He has been, subsequently, taken back to his home in America. 1Lt L.M.Kelly USAAF KIA Sgt P.A.Westcott PoW F/S J.Rigby PoW Sgt G.E.Wilson PoW P/O A.Boothby PoW P/O D.F.Booth PoW Sgt R.C.Wellard PoW P/O D.F.Booth was interned in Camp L3. PoW No.3239, with P/O A.Boothby. PoW No.3240. F/S J.Rigby in Camps 4B/L3, PoW No.267472 with Sgt G.E.Wilson, PoW No.267492. Sgt R.C.Wellard in Camp 4B, PoW No.267487 with Sgt P.A.Westcott, PoW No.267489.



In Combat

LW226 EY-D

On 20.50 hour on position 50.58N/ 04.56E North of Charleroi at a hight of 16,000 feet heading 170 I.A.S. The LW226 was being attacked by a J.U.88 without warning of Monica.

As in combat report: The Rear Gunner Sgt. MacAffery, first sighted J.U.88 dead astern below at 300 yards range, and immediately gave order to dive to port and corkscrew. Rear Gunner MacAffery opened fire at 300 yards range closing to 200 yards, firing approximately 50 rounds.
No hits were observed on enemy aircraft.
Breakaway was not seen due to enemy aircraft being lost sight of in corkscrew.
Own aircraft than resumed course.
Enemy aircraft did not open fire. No damage to own aircraft.


December 1943

21st -- 2nd

No Operations or standby for Squadon 78



20 aircraft detailed for operations, Later cancelled
Weather: Mainly fair to fine. Good visibility.
The raid however, was scrubbed early in the day.



No Operations or standby for Squadon 78



Operation detailed, cacelled shortly afterwards


26th -- 28th

No Operations or standby for Squadon 78

December 1943


William Uyen is on Leave

January 1944